Air: Love 2

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Air: Love 2

As a long time fan of Air, I am going to break tradition this time around and not compare Airs' new album to Moon Safari, which is still considered to be pairs most significant work. We can all agree Moon Safari is still as delicious today as it was in 1998, so let's leave it at that and examine Love 2 on it's own merits.

Love 2 is the the greatly anticipated sixth studio album from French duo Nicholas Godin and JB Dunckel, and while after the first listen I knew I had experienced something special, I couldn't quite place what was particularly special about it. That took a few more listens and by that time I "got it", and after a week I can safely say it's a very listen-able and unique album.

Calling any Air album unique is probably a bit redundant, as everything they do is just so different that it's difficult to assign to any particular genre.

The vocoder is back (still popular among the French - just ask Thomas Bangalter) and the opening track 'Do the joy' features it aplenty. It's no substitute for Dunckels' lucid effeminate tones which sadly are infrequent this time around, but the tracks 'Heavens Light' and 'Sing Sang Sung' sound so good they could be forgiven.

While there's an obvious wide range of moods covered, each song stands out in one way or another. 'You can tell it to everybody' sounds like it could easily be a Radiohead/Easy Star All-Stars hybrid, and that's not such a bad thing.

If your game enough to try something different, you could do a lot worse. If I was forced to describe it in a single word, I would say Love 2 is 'Suave'.

As this is an Air album I do as usual have high expectations of them, and I'm glad to report I'm loving every minute of Love 2.

4 Stars

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