Up-coming Firefox 3.6 can detect your orientation

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Up-coming Firefox 3.6 can detect your orientation

Those clever people over at Mozilla have unveiled a new device API for the impending Firefox 3.6 release. The tool will detect your orientation (screen orientation, not sexual orientation :-) and move the contents in the browser accordingly as shown the video below.

Originally meant for the up-coming Firefox mobile browser, the API will now be accessible via Firefox 3.6 and onwards as newer notebooks are coming equipped with an accelerometer.

As cool as this is, I'm yet to think of an actual real world scenario that would require this sort of functionality on a notebook.




Wednesday 14th October 2009 | 04:54 PM
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I'd think it would help with making sites easier to read at work. We have a regular CRT monitor, and it sucks for google reader. Same with my laptop. Perhaps it would make it fit nicer??

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Wednesday 14th October 2009 | 09:36 PM
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yeah why would you want to keep moving your laptop around..

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Thursday 15th October 2009 | 09:07 AM

Would it work with a second monitor, i.e. a second monitor is in 'Portrait' mode and the main monitor (or notebook) is in the traditional 'landscape' mode? If so then that could be really cool

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