Glenn Beck satire web site owner prevails in court

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Glenn Beck satire web site owner prevails in court

Eiland-Hall, the creator of a parody website that satirises political douche-bag commentator Glenn Beck has prevailed in court after Beck and his legal team went after him to get the web site www.Glenn Beck Raped And Murdered A Young Girl In taken down, which they claim is "libellous, bad faith, and could confuse potential consumers".

Beck didn't rape and murder a young girl in 1990 as the domain name suggests, but he lost the case on the grounds the site is considered political speech, and that Beck himself uses similar tactics to spread his own lies and misinformation. Beck also argued the web site should be shut down because the domain name infringes upon his personal trademark - his name, but that didn't persuade anyone.

Hall's attorney US free speech lawyer Marc Randazza said:

"even an imbecile would look at this Web site and know that it’s a parody"

The way I see it, Beck is OK with spreading lies and misinformation for his own self serving interests, but when it's done to him suddenly it's libellous, bad faith, and could confuse potential consumers. What a douche-bag.

For those not familiar with Glenn Beck, he is a real piece of work and it amazes me he is allowed his own television show. .



Wednesday 11th November 2009 | 11:25 AM
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Indeed, Glenn Beck IS a douchbag, and the lies and misinformation he spreads is malicious. The guy really makes me sick. What I cant understand is how a good friend of mine, who at one time was a regular commentor on RL could listen seriously to him, yet she does.

It feels good that Glenn is so upset. When Glenn and others of his ilk i.e. Bill O. get anoyed by things coming full circle back around to them, there is some satisfaction in that.

Thanks Mike,

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Wednesday 11th November 2009 | 05:42 PM
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Unfortunately the parody site is down, I would've gotten a kick out of it.

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The Ink Rat

Thursday 12th November 2009 | 08:33 AM

I thought one of the more interesting pieces of news on this was the initial response to the complaint (hilarious):
and then another response written later:

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