Youtube for your documents.

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Youtube for your documents.

A new free document sharing service is looking to change the way we share documents with friends and anonymous people alike - sort of.

Scribd has been described as 'Youtube for documents' which is not too far from being accurate. Anyone can upload a document (PDF, MS Word, Text etc...) and likewise anyone can download it. There is no cost association other than having to register an account if you want to share your files.

In addition to being able to download documents in the format they were uploaded in, you can choose from other formats, including most interestingly, MP3.

When you upload a document, server side software automatically creates alternative versions of it, as either PDF, Word, Text or MP3. The MP3 is actually generated by server side text-speech software, so you don;t necessarily have to read any of the documents you download; you can listen to them. It works surprisingly well.

You can also check your stats to see who downloaded your files, when, and what country they were in. And in true social web site fashion you can even add 'friends'.

I have already uploaded a bunch of Photoshop tutorials I have been meaning to share for a long time.

So far, I am really liking this free service.

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