Myspace done right: Virb out of beta

Mikey 4 comments
Myspace done right: Virb out of beta

You could argue that another social networking service is a waste of time, especially considering how popular Myspace and Facebook already are. But Virb is here none-the-less, and it looks great.

is the bashed crab of web pages. It is visually nauseating, un-userfriendly and littered with advertising.

I stark comparison, Virb is clean, uncluttered, adheres to web standards, is easier to use, has more features, and is a shining example of how social networking should be done and why Myspace sucks so much arse.

Virb may even be enough to sway the anti-myspace crowd to join the social networking community.

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Brian N.

Saturday 10th March 2007 | 09:22 PM

LOL @ "Myspace is the bashed crab of web pages". Never a truer sentence was written.

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Wednesday 14th March 2007 | 01:05 PM

Myspace looks like a bashed crab for a reason- because the target demographic are messheads with no style. Virb looks really nice thanks for the info.

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Girling Girl

Tuesday 20th March 2007 | 06:21 PM

Myspace = Emo Cuts and 'the angles' photos.
Virb = style and coolness.

You need to patent your statement "Myspace is the bashed crab of web pages" - pure gold.

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Saturday 31st March 2007 | 11:07 AM

Thankyou thankyou thankyou! I can't believe haven't heard of virb...reckon I'm not the only one reluctant to go down the myspace path.

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