Walmart videotaped employees and patrons in bathroom

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Walmart videotaped employees and patrons in bathroom

Taking privacy invasion to a whole new level, Walmarts' loss prevention unit thought it was OK to place a video camera in a bathroom used by employees and customers alike.

There was no notification of subservience provided (like that would make it any better), obviously because Walmart thinks peoples rights are far less important than their efforts to reduce candy bar theft.

Said the Lawyer guiding the lawsuit:

I am incredulous that anyone would think that it's appropriate conduct for any reason to photograph people in a changing room and bathroom.

In fairness Walmart implied the unit acted without the knowledge of officials.

Two associates were terminated for placing a camera in an associate dressing room bathroom....When store management learned of the camera, it was immediately removed

And rightfully so, although I find it difficult to believe no-one further up the food chain knew about it.



Sunday 27th December 2009 | 08:55 AM
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Hmmmm.... It would seem to me that for some reason, Wal Mart is coming more to the forefront there in the Down Under... It's about time...believe me, those fuc#@rs are on their way. You guys think you're safe...think again. Who do you think has the better set of lawyers? Australia or Wal Mart?

Mikey, please, don't bestow any "fairness" to Wal Mart. They wouldn't do the same for you in a million years.


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