RIAA targets a computerless family

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RIAA targets a computerless family

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) are up to their old shenanigans again, this time suing a family for allegedly sharing music via P2P.

What makes this case particularly interesting is the fact the family in question does not own a computer or have internet access.

It's not the first time the RIAA have cocked up so badly. They once tried to sue a dead woman.

RIAA: "Music and other copyrighted materials are some of America's most important, cherished and visible exports". That's a perfectly valid statement, but it would hold more credibility if they examined their targets more closely.

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Friday 16th March 2007 | 02:56 AM

Hmmm...Maybe they rented a computer and sponged off the neighbors wifi to download the latest Paris Hilton album! Methinks not! These lawsuits are ridiculous, I wonder what's going to happen once everyone starts using encrypted file-sharing! GigaTribe is one such player ( http://www.gigatribe.com ) and there's probably a whole mess of them out there that also protect people's privacy...

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F*ck the RIAA

Friday 16th March 2007 | 07:56 AM

It sickens me when I hear about these bastards suing everyone left right and center without so much as an IP address as proof. Die in hell RIAA scum.

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Tuesday 20th March 2007 | 06:17 PM

When is some Judge with half a brain going to put a stop to this sort of thing? Its BS

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Monday 26th March 2007 | 12:53 AM

Now they're going after a 7 year old girl:

"The latest target of the RIAA's ire is a 10-year-old girl in Oregon, who was 7 when the alleged infringement occurred, and whose disabled mother lives on Social Security. In Atlantic v. Andersen, an Oregon case that was widely reported in 2005 when the defendant counterclaimed against the RIAA under Oregon's RICO statute and other laws, the defendant's mother sought to limit the RIAA's deposition of the child to telephone or video-conference. The RIAA has refused, insisting on being able to grill the little girl in person. Here are court documents (PDF)."

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