French anti-piracy firm caught stealing

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French anti-piracy firm caught stealing

Copyright infringement one of those subjects that, if you do not tread carefully, you can find yourself at the receiving end of a well deserved public flogging.

There was the recent incident of Lily Allen, who blogged about how copyright holders get such a raw deal because of pirates copying their work and not giving credit. That wouldn't seem too unusual, except that she lifted the entire article written by Mike Masnick at TechDirt without asking his permission or giving him credit. But instead of admitting herself as a hypocrite, she cried like a spoilt brat, closed her blog and announced it was enough for her to quit music.

And who could forget when the MPAA was caught red handed using Forestblog without a proper licence with no good excuse? Oh the hilarity.

Well it's happened again this time with a French agency who are in the business of 'handling file sharers copyright digressions', unveiling their new righteous anti-piracy brand - but sadly it has been revealed they used unlicensed fonts. Sigh.

The company has admitted their 'mistake' and issued a public apology, but the font designer Jean-Francois Porchez isn't listening. He's contacted his lawyer to see what can be done.




Saturday 16th January 2010 | 12:47 PM
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Lily Allen quitting music? Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be true!!! The power windows in my car are never quite fast enough at getting the windows down in time for me to barf every time one of her shit songs pollutes my ears and air... BAAAAAAAAARF!!!

'It's sad but it's true how society says her life is already over'??? Maybe she should hang up her singing shoes and consider a career as a clairvoyant???

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