Limewire not intimidated by RIAA threats

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Limewire not intimidated by RIAA threats

On of the few remaining popular P2P client, Limewire, is preparing to go head to head with the RIAA rather than go the way of Kazza, Bearshare, iMesh and eDonkey.

Limewire are being sued to the tune of $150,000 per violation (every song downloaded). Limewire bigwigs believe the action was:

"one part of a much larger modern conspiracy to destroy all innovation that content owners cannot control and that disrupts their historical business models"

In response, LimeWire have counter-sued for consumer fraud and anti-trust violations. LimeWire CEO Mark Gorton has allegedly anticipated this day and has been preparing for years.

This will be an interesting to watch this case unfold. If Limewire have the resources and succeed against the RIAA, it will be a turning point for all P2P companies.

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Monday 26th March 2007 | 02:41 PM

Good luck to em!

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