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Software Review Announcement

About once per month or so I get a request from a random company asking me to do a review of their software or service. I rarely accept these offers because it always comes with the 'implication' that they are expecting a favourable review in exchange for me getting a free license for the software.

This time around however no such demand was implied, and so I will be testing WinX DVD Ripper Platinum rigorously over the coming days and writing a review in my usual brutally honest manner.

Sophie from Digiarty Software was kind enough to give me a full license to the platinum edition so that I'm not restricted in any way.

As some of you may know, DVD ripping and conversion is something I'm exceedingly good at, and I'm yet to find any stand alone software that can do the decrypting and conversion in a single hit and produce an acceptable quality output. Trust me when I tell you I've tried a lot of these all-in-one DVD converters, probably all of them (OK not all of them but it feels that way). I actually use a combination of the Xvid and MPRadium codecs, XMpeg and DVD Decryptor for this purpose. It sounds like a hassle for just one conversion but it produces the best output as a result of having so many ways to fine tune the quality, which the all-in-one packages rarely allow (maybe I should write a tutorial on that process one day).

I'm a huge quality aficionado and accept nothing less than perfection, so naturally I am keen to see what WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can (or can't) do.

That said it appears they've won a few quality awards, so I do have high hopes.

Stay tuned.



Saturday 23rd January 2010 | 08:03 PM
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well mike, i think you can only deliver as you see, you call a spade a spade. and if you think it is crap then no doubt you would let them know!!

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