Prehistoric whale skeleton unearthed

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Prehistoric whale skeleton unearthed

Italian researchers have discovered a 10 metre long prehistoric whale skeleton estimated to be around 40 million years old.

The discovery that could help reconstruct the prehistoric environment of the sea that once covered the region, as Italy was nearly completely under water at one stage.

Not only was the skeleton in excellent condition, but a wealth of organisms were found surrounding it, including sharks teeth, which leads scientists to believe the whale may have been attached just before it died. . Elisabetta Cioppi said:

"The variety of the sea organisms associated with the whale - shells, fish and others - is extraordinary. It enables us to make a thorough reconstruction of the environment."

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Saturday 14th April 2007 | 03:40 PM

had the researchers some idea where to dig? it looks quite close to the surface..

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Saturday 14th April 2007 | 11:28 PM

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