User upgradable notebooks on the way

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User upgradable notebooks on the way

Asus will be the first to deliver a new model of notebook that offers users the opportunity to upgrade components as easily as upgrading a desktop PC.

Being able to pick and choose your components from a retailer like Dell for example is not a new concept, but traditionally notebooks do not allow the consumer to perform their own upgrade like they would on an average desktop PC. Asus hopes to change all that with the C90 which is scheduled for release as early as May 2007.

This is something I have been hoping to see for along time. The only thing that has stopped me buying a notebook is the depressing fact it would be obsolete within a few months of purchase, which newer, faster and better equipt models superceding it.

Purchasing a notebook would also be a lot simpler once the upgradable 'bare bones' models start to flood the market place, and the cost would presumably be cheaper for the consumer as they will not be forced to pay for components they may not necessarily want.

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Tuesday 10th April 2007 | 10:14 AM

Actually you can already change some components of laptops but just ram and hard drive usually. I always wondered why a fully upgradeable laptop wasn't done before so i like this idea.

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Friday 13th April 2007 | 11:57 PM

obsolete within few months you said. more like a few weeks.

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Saturday 14th April 2007 | 07:04 PM

dang i wish MY asus was upgradeable...

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