Sony's embarrassing PR disaster revived

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Sony's embarrassing PR disaster revived

A little while ago Sony were exposed as the instigators of what will always be remembered as one of the most embarrassing PR disasters in history. Here's the skinny.

To help combat all the negativity that was (and still is) thrown towards the PSP, Sony employed the services of a marketing company who made a fake blog, with the premise being about these guys who rap about how all the wanted for Christmas was a PSP. The music was terrible, the comments posted were not real and everything about it just plain stank of fakeness.

When it was revealed that Sony were responsible, the public promptly and publicly attacked them for being so lame, forcing them to take the site down to avoid further embarrassment. It demonstrated once again just how out of touch Sony are with the consumer. Utterly shameful.

Well to those who missed it, The Consumerist seems to have go their hands on a copy of the site and have put it online for everyone to have a laugh at.

Hold onto your cerebellums: All I want for Xmas. It is truly awful.

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Thursday 12th April 2007 | 09:26 AM

That was painful. Kind of like watching your parents try to rap.

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Saturday 14th April 2007 | 07:02 PM

yeah all i can say is give them all psps right now all of them but just make sure they sign clauses never ever to make videos or play music again, first

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