iPhone v4: Now with more restrictions

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iPhone v4: Now with more restrictions

I don't think I need to restate my position on the iPhone development, as my feelings are well documented on this site that I believe the platform to be the software equivalent of a communist dictatorship.

With version 4 announced even I thought there might be some changes, but it turns out that developers have been anally violated with this new addition to the developer agreement which was reported by John Gruber over at Daring Fireball.

3.3.1 — Applications may only use Documented APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple and must not use or call any private APIs. Applications must be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript as executed by the iPhone OS WebKit engine, and only code written in C, C++, and Objective-C may compile and directly link against the Documented APIs (e.g., Applications that link to Documented APIs through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer or tool are prohibited).

For those outside the loop, loosely translated that means that software developers are now prohibited from using any other tools for compiling their apps, and if you're familiar with the recent tension between apple and Adobe this actually means you can't use Adobe tools, specifically the Adobe Flash to iPhone compiler.

If it wasn't already bad enough that Apple dictate how and where you sell your software, they are now saying you must use their tools for the development.

Hank Williams over at WhyDoesEverythingSuck.com highlights it:

Developers are not free to use any tools to help them. If there is some tool that converts some Pascal or, Ruby, or Java into Objective-C it is out of bounds, because then the code is not "originally" written in C.

In all my years I've never heard of a restriction in place that tells developers on any platform what software they can and can not use to create apps.

So, with this asinine restriction in place I would like to offer Steve Jobs a few suggestions of my own for iPhone app developers that might not have occurred to him at first. Perhaps they can be incorporated into version 5 T & C's?

While writing apps, developers:

  • must only listen to music that is being streamed through iTunes, and not any other 3rd party application or that which can be heard from anything other than an Apple computer
  • must only ever consume Apple approved food and beverages
  • must not have any opinions regarding Adobe Flash that conflict with Apple
  • must only use the Safari web browser when performing online research
  • must not seek advice or ask for assistance from anyone who currently, previously or potentially owns a Windows PC, or has had previous interaction with any Microsoft product
  • must not use any Adobe product that assists with GUI design
  • must be wearing an Apple approved black skivvy
  • must acknowledge Steve Jobs as their supreme leader and never bring his wishes into question

Feel free to add your own in the comments below.



Sunday 11th April 2010 | 10:14 AM
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Apple freaks will continue to buy whatever they make. My uncle who is a program for Adobe uses nothing but macs, and is purchasing a Ipad for whatever reason that I can't understand. If you like have a half bitten apple on everything you buy, then you'll buy whatever product has it!

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Trent Greguhn

Trent Greguhn

Sunday 11th April 2010 | 10:50 AM
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It's too bad iPhones have the best gaming market for smart phones out there right now.

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Phil H

Phil H

Sunday 11th April 2010 | 06:35 PM
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I love my MacBook but there's no way I'd bring myself to own an iPhone or iPod. Not unless they made some serious changes to make them more open platform, stopped assuming anyone who wants to listen to music is a potential intellectual property thief, and made the bloody battery replaceable.

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Jake Farr-Wharton

Jake Farr-Wharton

Monday 12th April 2010 | 07:40 PM
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Did I mention that I f-king love my iPhone!

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Monday 12th April 2010 | 07:48 PM
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...in response to this comment by Jake Farr-Wharton. Communism Supporter!


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Wednesday 16th June 2010 | 09:13 PM

You are perfectly right. Apples buyers are often fanatics.
As soon as a new product is coming out, they buy it ...
Thanks to these buyers, Apple will always be successful.
Ok, their products are well-thoughts, but previous revolutionnary
products (like the Commodore Amiga) didn't get any successful because of a lack
of good marketing.
By the way, I don't think the iPhone is a revolutionnary thing. It's only a well thought-out

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Wednesday 30th June 2010 | 05:22 AM

There is no point getting all huffy and puffy about apple's conduct. They are a multinational company that is purely out there to maximize profits. It's their choice and they are free to do so like it or not that is the concept of the western world.

Any one here with the romantic misconception of the great ideology of a purist apple should wake up quickly. This company produces a good product and attempts to get the biggest slice possible of the markets they are working in. Yes technology means a lot of power as they control the strings. I feel sorry for the dreamers that helped apple through all their open source work to be were they are now with OS X and its spin offs and not getting anything back but a set of rules on how to behave. Maybe time for a new religion?

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Thursday 26th August 2010 | 11:07 PM

hate the IPhone v4 development agreement

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