Two sides to every shooting

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Two sides to every shooting

If it were not for the second video recording of this shooting incident, the police involved may have had a hard time explaining themselves.

In the first video, it looks as if the police were unjustified in shooting the suspect as he walks away. If it were taken to court, based on the 1st video alone a jury would probably find the officers guilty of cold blooded murder. But from the second angle, a very different picture is painted,

They officers thought they were under attack and consequently had to defend themselves. Though as it turns out, the suspect was not holding a gun, but a mobile phone. The cops involved were cleared of any wrong doing, as during the confusion they mistook the phone for a gun.

Watch these videos and judge for yourself. and .

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Tuesday 24th April 2007 | 01:56 PM

That is bizarre. One cop had rubber bullets or something, or maybe he was shooting blanks because the guy wasn't even flinching. He also took a while to fall from the other cop's first bullet - slow enough that the cop thought he'd better make sure with a second bullet. What is the dude doing just wandering away anyway??

Wouldn't wanna be a cop. Too much at stake.

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Tuesday 24th April 2007 | 09:58 PM

Dude was on crack or something. Probably didn't even know what was happening. Pretending your phone is a gun wasn't the smartest idea either.

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Tuesday 24th April 2007 | 11:34 PM

gee the cops in america like to unload their gun into someone. looked like a few shots fired.why can't they shoot him in the legs,then again one less crim to worry about! maygbe our police should look at the footage and take note. yeah and get rid of the do gooders as well!!!

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