Optimus Keyboard arrives at great cost

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Optimus Keyboard arrives at great cost

Remember the Optimus Keyboard that made everyone sit up and take notice a couple of years ago? The one with the lavish OLED keys which are actually individual displays? After many technical setbacks Artemy Lebedev has announced a price and release date.

When the Optimus first appeared Lebedev was confident the keyboard would be at a price similar to a modern mobile phone. So what is the asking price for this gorgeous piece of hardware? $US1,536 (about $ASU1,850). For those playing at home, we would have also accepted 'Freaking Expensive'.

The Optimus won't see the light of day in great numbers either, having such a low production schedule:

  • Beginning of December 2007-200 keyboards
  • End of December 2007-200 keyboards
  • January 2008-400 keyboards

Until the price is significantly reduced, the Optimus Keyboard will be limited to those with more dollars than sense. Which is a real shame.

But there is at least one saving grace: At least it won't be a contender for the Wired vaporware awards as it was last year.

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Wednesday 2nd May 2007 | 09:49 PM

$1800 big ones for a keyboard? and i would like a pc with that thanks.....

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Wednesday 10th October 2007 | 12:35 AM

Get 2 at that price

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