Been robbed? Youtube to the rescue

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Been robbed? Youtube to the rescue

Youtube is not only a productivity inhibiting source of endless amusement, but it has been known to occasionally assists in solving crimes.

Take this guy for example, who was robbed and is now down 1 Sony HD video camera, but his suspicions led him to find very easily. And in this case the dumb criminal didn't even bother covering her tracks.

So with the help of Youtube's audience, Phil may just recover his beloved hardware without the help of the Police, who incidentally don't seem to have the time.

I did a little searching and found a curious comment the thief (Amanada - devildolphin8064) had left on this article.

"ok so i dont know if anyone else has this problem but i have a habit of loosing my phone or it getting stolen....that would SUCK if you lost it or it got stolen."

Yes it would be awful if somebody stole from you, Amanda.

Update: Phil is now the being investigated by the local police.

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Thursday 17th May 2007 | 05:21 AM

Sad...this video is listed on YouTube as private... None of us can see it :(

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