Surface: interface-less technology

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Surface: interface-less technology

We have seen the technology before, as demonstrated by Jefferson Y. Han in 2006 in this astonishing video. Microsoft obviously see something in this technology and plan to introduce it into the living room later this year.

Microsoft's Surface is a product that actually does make you say 'wow', unlike Vista of the same marketing campaign namesake.

Interface-less computing is one of the next big things on the horizon but in this author's opinion it is still a little premature, and there are some aspects of it that may not apply so nicely in the real world. You could say 'Surface' suffers from what I like to call MRIS - or Minority Report Interface Syndrome.

You remember that cool, stylish yet completely impractical interface from the Spielberg movie? The one that looked so awesome but took less than a minute for you to realise how dumb it really was? Surface has some of that, but nowhere near to the same extreme. For one thing you wont break a sweat using the Surface interface unlike the aforementioned movie.

But there are more things to like that dislike, and my initial thought is 'I must have one', CFO (Wife) permitting.

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Wednesday 30th May 2007 | 10:41 PM

Damn, that is cool.

What does the BSOD look like?

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Thursday 31st May 2007 | 08:13 AM

Me like! But what a convoluted way to compose an email!

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Thursday 31st May 2007 | 09:32 PM

So now its OK to let our kids draw on the table? Bizzaro world is fast approaching.

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