No frakking way! Battlestar to deliver final season

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No frakking way! Battlestar to deliver final season

It's official. Battlestar Galactica will not see past a fifth season, meaning we will only see 22 more episodes starting January 2008.

Although the ratings for the show are good, producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick want to end the show during the peak of their creative output, rather than let the show drag on for a few more years and become stale. Some might argue crap Battlestar is better than no Battlestar.

Moore said: "We thought, if we don't start paying this off and really revealing those secrets, we'll be moving in the wrong direction and get to a place where it felt like we were jerking off the audience"

I am personally quite sad over this as I believe Battlestar to be the best television I have ever witnessed.

If you have never seen the series and you like Sci-Fi, you could do a lot worse. Grab the DVD.

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