London 2012: Laughing stock of the design community

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London 2012: Laughing stock of the design community

Somehow London 2012 have managed to travel back in time to the 1980's and contract a graffiti artist to design their new brand.

But seriously, how could this have happened? Did Ken Done produce this? I keep expecting Ashton Kutcher to come running in with air guns blazing every time I see this thing broadcast on TV.

London 2012's new brand and vision has unsurprisingly as to it's professionalism.

As a designer who has produced many corporate identities and brands, I can honestly say this is laughable. If anyone in my design team produced something like this I would be asking them to have a good long hard think about what they had done, if I didn't just fire them first.

It's so ghastly I honestly debated about whether to place it on this web site or not. In the interest of fairness, here it is anyway. What do you think?

London 2012

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Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 01:50 AM


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Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 10:36 AM

ARGH! *scrubs eyes* Make it go away!!!!

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The Lurker

Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 12:06 PM

BZZZZZZZ!!! Thankyou for playing anyway.

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Brenda Loinska

Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 03:04 PM

It looks like someone vomited mustard and strawberry.

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Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 03:08 PM

It may not be the designer's fault because it wreaks of client intervention. Like some clueless fuckhead manager stepped into the design process and started directing everything.

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Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 03:26 PM

Maybe in 2012, this will be cutting edge. Maybe mullet hats will be the primary form of London Olympics merchandise.

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Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 03:41 PM

has the artist/designer been asked what it represents?

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Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 04:37 PM

The reasoning behind this catastrophe is it's supposed to appeal to a younger crowd. So not only did they go back in time, they also went forward to find out what young people are going to like in 2012.

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Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 04:54 PM

I have to say that I am familiar with many of the 2012 committee members in London and this does not surprise me in the slightest! Makes you wonder for sure!

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Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 05:15 PM

Sheesh. I can't even think of anything worth saying about this. It looks like it's straight from the Gold Coast.

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Graham Peel

Thursday 7th June 2007 | 03:40 AM

Honestly, I don't see the point of trying to brand a specific Olympic Series as opposed to branding the Olympics as a whole (which is already done and working nicely). When a city wins the right to host the Olympics, its kinda like they're buying into a franchise, like McDonalds. Conceptually, its not the 'London Games which are Olympic"; it's the "Olympic Games which happen to be held in London." Its silly to think that anyone attaches any extra significance to the games just because they are in one specific city. After all, do the games change based on the city? No. Are there more 'British' games for the 2012 event? No. Nothing substantial about the games changes when they are imported into a host city, which is exactly the way a franchise works.

So London wants a logo to slap on hats and banners and sweatshirts? That's fine. But be honest with yourself: its just a logo which needs to work off the existing Olympic logo and its primary purpose is to sell some tourist-type memorabilia. Don't get on the branding high horse and claim that it represents an appeal to the youth of the world or some other crazy crap when its only purpose is to look flashy on a $12 coffee mug.

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Thursday 7th June 2007 | 12:18 PM

That's as may be but it's still ugly as hell :-p

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Friday 8th June 2007 | 08:15 PM


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Peter Molzen

Friday 21st March 2008 | 01:53 AM

Well, it looks so 80'ish - I remember doing a poster with exactly those colors and shapes around 1984...
What happened to those responsible for deciding on such an outdated desgin?

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