File conversion made easy

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File conversion made easy

A free online service called Zamzar (currently in beta) allows anyone to convert from one file format to another without downloading any software.

The web based service is very easy and works just as it says. Upload a file, choose what format you want it converted to, and specify where you want it sent.

More than 60 formats are supported, including audio, video, images and documents. I have tried several formats with success, including a FLV file I nabbed from Youtube which I converted into MPG4 format.

There are no quality or compression options but for anyone who needs a file converted with relatively no pain this is not a bad solution.

Go to: Zamzar.

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Sunday 10th June 2007 | 01:15 PM

While this is a great idea, I'd like to see a local client version soon. Local file conversion for a huge range of formats, in a single app, is a really good idea.

I also fear they will be targetted by the MPAA or RIAA style groups for any copyrighted material that gets converted through their site.

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