RAM is a document, says Magistrate Judge

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RAM is a document, says Magistrate Judge

A federal judge has ruled that RAM found in a server qualifies as a tangible document format, and therefore must be turned over in a lawsuit.

The ruling came about during a court room argument between the film industry and Torrentspy, who have been accused of copyright infringement by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). They convinced the judge that the only way to get records of user activity was to gather the data stored in RAM.

This once again shows the ignorance of a legal authority when it comes to dealing with computer technology. Any information stored in RAM is temporary. The real information they want would be stored on the servers hard drives.

Torrentspy have nothing to loose (except for some downtime) by pulling all the RAM from their servers and dumping it on a courtroom clerk's desk.


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Saturday 16th June 2007 | 09:08 PM

It's just mind boggling. You'd think the lawyers supporting the prosecution or the judge in question would have some sort of technical liaision, to help them understand the technologies?

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