Robbery victim facing felony charges after doing his own detective work

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Robbery victim facing felony charges after doing his own detective work

Back April I wrote about Phillip, a guy who had been robbed of his Sony Hi-Def video camera, and used his Sherlock Holmes abilities to track the culprit who turned out to be his friend, Amanda.

He posted a video on Youtube detailing his powers of deduction (since removed) along with the thief's phone number, which has now made him the centre of a police investigation. Apparently in Michigan it is illegal to show an alleged thief's phone number online. Phillip said:

"Detective McCarthy called again on June 6th to tell me two things. First he stated that he didn't believe that Amanda had stolen my camcorder. Why? Because when he talked to Amanda, she denied stealing the camera and claimed that she doesn't have a account"

I will say I was surprised to see the phone number displayed in the video. Anyway, it sounds like some sloppy police work is also ensuing.


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Tuesday 19th June 2007 | 05:18 PM

I feel for this guy. He got shafted. Then, when he tried to fix it, he got shafted again. None the less, he should have known better than to post an allegation about someone online and couple it with their contact details. Even the media isn't that stupid (mostly).

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Thursday 21st June 2007 | 01:15 PM

It doesn't look good for him now...">Man faces cyber-bullying felonies

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Jake Farr-Wharton

Thursday 21st June 2007 | 01:23 PM

She says, 'I'm living in fear'. Bloody ludarous! Email addresses can be set up in a minute, phone numbers can be changed simply. She is obviously trying to milk as much as she can out of this. He shouldn't have been so follish, and although the reprocussions will be detremental, it has been totally blown up and way out of proportion! (obviously, in my opinion)

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Tuesday 24th July 2007 | 02:35 PM

Jake..if it is so easy, how about you post YOUR information so you can change it so easily when you get death threats.

You see, unlike yourself, some people have lives that are WROTH something. As such, it is not so easy to just change any and all information, and move to a new apartment. People who have friends, and careers have given their phone numbers to a lot of people and need to keep in touch with those people. I realize that a fucking loser like you has no one else in the world who will ever want to contact you. But that is YOUR sad, worthless life. Not everyone elses.

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