Instant Karma for failed Suicide Bomber

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Instant Karma for failed Suicide Bomber

It's difficult to make up my mind how I feel about this. The video footage below shows the aftermath of a failed suicide bombing attempt in Sadr City.

The guy must be in some obvious pain and maybe regretting his actions, but at the same time his intention was to murder innocent people. Would you go to his aid?

Warning! This video contains extremely graphic content. Play at your own risk.

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Saturday 23rd June 2007 | 07:05 PM

yeah probably would of even though he was going to kill a lot of people, hard to see someone suffer......

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Saturday 23rd June 2007 | 07:39 PM

Yes you are obliged to go to his aid. 1 wrong + 1 wrong = 2 wrongs. Unless you are a God. Then its OK to lower your standards to his.
Compassion is contagious.

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Saturday 23rd June 2007 | 09:54 PM

In response to hitlers comment (stupid screen name by the way). Morally obligated maybe, but thats probably the last thing on any witnesses minds while they are busy picking up pieces of their family or friends.

If I was standing there and saw the guy there as he is in that video I would be thinking now is a good time to see if anyone else is inured because that bomber doesn't look like he is gonna be doing much more harm. Only after I am satisfied everyone else is OK would I even think about helping him.

The other thing to remember is that he wanted to die. His religion commands it. Offering assistance might be offensive.

So make a choice - help the murderer first, or help the injured innocent. Which gets you the most karma points?

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Tuesday 28th August 2007 | 03:42 AM

You guys need to take your blinders off and realize the mentality of these animals.

I'd drop some pig skin in his had and kick him a few times then walk away. I lost a friend to one of these filthy cowards

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Tuesday 25th March 2008 | 11:15 PM

I agree with John. I would pure salt on his wounds and laugh at the stupid man.

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Meh boy

Wednesday 4th February 2009 | 09:37 PM

I would find his missing leg and smash him across his face with it.

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Omar Tijani

Monday 11th January 2010 | 10:09 PM

Hnmm...I keep on wondering what this world is turning seems the world is getting senile...and is now decaying....well from my own perspective you can not wash shit with therefore I think a suicide bomber needs his/her head examined...YES i think i got an answer to the whole puzzle...

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