10 things you can do with an old PC

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10 things you can do with an old PC

Got a spare PC lying around collecting dust? You know? That old Windows machine that used to serve you well but has been collecting dust puppies in the shed the past few years? Why not put it to some use.

Clean it up, sell it on eBay.
You would be surprised how many people are on the lookout for older components. You might only get 50 clams for it, but that better than nothing.

Donate it to a not-for-profit organisation or local day-care centre.
Not all charity organisations are granted luxurious IT budgets, and donating a computer can make a big difference to their day to day operations.

Make a backup server.
There are plenty of quality freeware backup applications available designed to make incremental or schedules backups of all your files. Slap in a large capacity drive and install Syncback.

Introduce computing to an extended family member.
We all have at least one family member who still doesn't have a computer at home because they can't justify the cost. You should not hear any excuses when you offer them a free PC.

Rip it apart.
There is no better way to understanding how a PC is put together than by simply taking one apart - and trying to put it back together again. You will be surprised just how easy it is. Let Google be your guide.

Convert it to a Media Centre PC.
A Media Centre PC will change your living room life. I can personally vouch for that. And there are some good freeware Media Centre operating systems available. Or try out a trial version.

Start an over-clocking project.
Do so at your own risk. But if you ever wanted to experiment with over-clocking, try and get that old Celeron 600 up to 1ghz with some extra fans. If you kill it, no loss.

Help find Martians.
The SETI project (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) works by harnessing the CPU cycles of idle computers to help process data. With a spare computer, you can install the free SETI screen saver which will utilise your CPU power to assist them in, um...finding Martians!

Trade it in.
Some computer dealers will give you a discount on a new PC if you trade in your older one. Just make it look as presentable as possible.

Install Linux.
Why not? It's free and you could learn a lot about how to properly set up a computer that isn't based on Windows.

Feel free to add your suggestions below.

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Saturday 23rd June 2007 | 09:37 PM

How about strip it for parts and sell them.

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Saturday 23rd June 2007 | 11:20 PM

Linux isn't a bad option. I have a PIII 450 running a linux gateway here, with 384MB of RAM. The beauty of it is it pre-dates cpu fans, so it's whisper quite. More than powerful enough to run postfix, apache, PPPoE, iptables and a few other things for good measure.

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Wednesday 18th July 2007 | 03:11 PM

Install Synergy or MaxiVista (Google them - First is free) and use it as a second monitor.. alot of fun and really cheap alternative to dual core :P

Rip it apart a bit and convert it into a dock for your iPod - Quite fun really.. install some decent speakers inside the computer etc etc (Try google for some tutorials on this)

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