Google apologises for attacking Michael Moore's Sicko

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Google apologises for attacking Michael Moore's Sicko

Last week Google's health care account planner aired her political views concerning the american public health system, after publicly attacking Michael Moore's new documentary, Sicko.

In her , Lauren Turner suggests that health care companies should buy against the terms 'michael moore' and 'sicko' in an effort to promote their own services to people who were searching for information on Moore's movie.

This didn't go down too well with the public as you can imagine, especially given Google's '' mantra. So what do you do when an employee opens their yap as a representative of the company and goes on a political rant? You distance the company from the rouge or feel the wrath of the blogosphere upon thee.

Missy Krasner, Product Marketing Manager at Google (now doing PR?) has :

"We've been proponents of corporate blogging for some time, despite the significant communication challenges that obviously arise from having many voices from all parts of our company speak publicly through blog posts. In this case, the blog criticized Michael Moore's new film Sicko to suggest how health care companies might use our ad programs when they face controversy. Our internal review of the piece before publication failed to recognize that readers would -- properly, but incorrectly -- impute the criticisms as reflecting Google's official position. We blew it."

It is unknown who prompted the response but at least Google know evil when they see it, and have acted accordingly.

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Monday 26th November 2007 | 01:38 PM

i dont agree witht that

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