Turn a blind eye with new Firefox extension

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Turn a blind eye with new Firefox extension

This is one handy Firefox extension. is a great site. It works on the premise that a user submits a story, and people vote on it's relevance (or lameness) by 'Digging' or 'Burying' it. More diggs means the story is pushed closer to the top of the page. It's a good way of separating the signal from the noise.

One of the inherit problems with this system is some stories - especially the lame ones - are repeated. This happens when a new registered user submits a story that unbeknownst to them has already been submitted previously, and other new registered users vote in it's favour (digg it). As a result it's quite common to see old (very very old!) or just plain stupid stories make their way to the top of the home page.

Anyway, this new Firefox extension puts a stop to all this - kind of. We can't stop idiots submitting the same stories about a funny cat video or other tiresome subjects, but this extension simply hides them from view when ever you come back to the site.

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