DirectX 10 spec doesn't impress

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DirectX 10 spec doesn't impress

According to this detailed analysis performed by Anandtech, real world DirectX 10 performance is nothing to write home about. Coming from a reputable source will not be swallowed so easily by Microsoft, who are pimping Vista as the DirectX 10 platform of choice. According to Anandtech:

"Many of the features currently implemented in DirectX 10 could also be done using DirectX 9."

Ouch. Full review here.

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Tuesday 10th July 2007 | 11:53 PM

While this articles lists some things DirectX9 can do that 10 can't it misses some of 10's key benefits. For example, DirectX10 comes tied to an operating system which can screw you over at the drop of a hat. New video card? That's a re-activation. Windows update, that's a re-install...

Bitter? Me? No!

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