Beam me up, Aussie

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Beam me up, Aussie

Star Trek has been responsible for inspiring the careers of many people since it first graced our screen 40 years ago. And these Australian guys probably took in their fair share.

Physicists Murray Olsen, Ashton Bradley, Simon Haine of the Australian Research Council Centre for Quantum-Atom Optics, and and Joseph Hope of ANU are working on a real life teleportation device. But don't expect human testing to begin any time soon. Olson said:

"If you cool these atoms down enough... in a condensate, they all enter the same quantum state...When a few thousand atoms are overlapping (and you hit them with the laser beams)...they basically disappear. We can use an optic fibre (to transport the signal at the speed of light) into a second condensate, which could be in another room, or another building, or another state. We've got the coldest thing in the universe and the fastest speed in the universe."

It's mind blowing stuff, and great to see some Aussie's at the forefront.

Full story.

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Friday 13th July 2007 | 10:13 AM

Damn that is incredible... good to see that science is catching up with science fiction. As Einstein said, 'immagination is more important than knowledge'.

Joe Marco

Joe Marco

Wednesday 3rd March 2010 | 02:23 PM
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Wow! I just shared this on Facebook, awesome story, and at this point that was three years ago.

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