Cover-up: Police officer murders commuter

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Cover-up: Police officer murders commuter

In March of 2003, a Chicago Police Officer unjustifiably and fatally shot an unarmed man (Michael Pleasance) point blank in the head. When questioned later, and not knowing the entire incident had been captured on a security tape, Officer Weems stated that he had been surrounded by 5 men and feared for his life, and only at that time did he draw his weapon.

As you will see in the video below, Officer Weems was not surrounded at all, and there were only two men, and he had his gun drawn long before he had even encountered them. A press conference was held the morning after the murder, in which Weem's version of events was told to the public.

Police Detectives and Commanders viewed this very video after the shooting, and claimed it supported Weems' statement. Superintendent Sandra Day said she had viewed the video and also said it supported Weems' version of the events.

Two detectives who were assigned to investigate said that the 'assailant' (Pleasance) had tried to disarm Weems (which never happened), and concluded that it was justifiable homicide. Weems was never charged with murder, but was eventually promoted to Detective.

As you will see clear as day in this video, everything stated by the Police, detectives, and Superintendent in this matter was a blatant lie and cover-up.

So why are we only seeing this now? Pleasance's family have successfully sued Weems, and obtained a copy of the security tape, and a Judge lifted all restrictions against showing the video.

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Saturday 14th July 2007 | 11:06 PM

Why would they cover up something like this? Is there something so special about 1 cop that all these people lied and effectively put their careers on the line?

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Sunday 15th July 2007 | 01:11 PM

wonder which video tape they were watching?

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Sunday 15th July 2007 | 01:41 PM

I think they were watching an episode of Law & Order.

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