Game nostalgia: Crytek's CryEngine circa 2000

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Game nostalgia: Crytek's CryEngine circa 2000

There's nothing quite like gaming nostalgia when you are a geek. I was purging some old files and CD's tonight when I stumbled upon a little gem. This early version of the Crytek engine was first demoed in 2000. According to the included ReadMe.txt:

"This is a techdemo/benchmark presentation of the X-Isle Game. It features a cutting-edge 3D Engine which is beyond the state of the art. The CryENGINE features vast landscapes, indoor and outdoor areas at never achieved framerates and poly-throughput."

I remember way back then my system struggled to run it smoothly, but I was still blown away all the same. It's a far cry from todays standards of course. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Be warned, you need a P2-333 processor with 64MB RAM, and the latest nVidia drivers :-)

Download and enjoy.

CryEngine 2000

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