Millionaire Mishaps

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Millionaire Mishaps

Let's lighten the mood by making fun of other people for a change. I have compiled what I think are the worst of the worst Millionaire contestants. The ones who couldn't answer questions that a 3rd grader would know or who were let down by a dumber audience.

Q: What rotates around the Earth?

Durability: 1st question wrong. Sorry about the lack of English translation, but the four choices are obvious anyway - the moon, the sun, mars and venus. What makes this typically disturbing is more than half the audience got it wrong as well. His wife...well if looks could kill...

Q: What punctuation mark is commonly used to introduce a list of items?

Durability: 2nd question wrong. Oh boy, better think back hard on this one. Maybe phone an elementary school child?

Q: Homeowners buy surge protectors to protect their possessions from unexpected surges of what?

Durability: 1st question wrong. The look on this kids face is priceless. Maybe all the coffee in his veins caused some brain signals to become mixed.

Q: Which of these phrases is a common way of saying "I can't take it any more"

Durability: 1st question wrong. The worst part about this is it isn't even a general knowledge question. It's something everyone has said or heard at one time or another.

Q: Which of these 3 girls' names is the title of a Jane Austin novel?

Durability: 1st question wrong. And apparently this guy is the UK's first ever contestant to walk away empty handed. The best part is just how confident he is of his answer.

Q: Which parts of speech are usually classified as being in the 'active voice' or 'passive voice'?

Durability: 1st question wrong. Amazingly, this guy had to resort to all his life lines for the 1st question, and still muffed it up. Sorry about the quality of this video.

Q: Which of these US presidents appeared on the television series "laugh-in"

Durability: Millionaire! I will end this on a positive note. The contestant calls a life line and...I won't spoil it for you...just watch.

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Sunday 22nd July 2007 | 09:00 PM

it is easy to laugh at peoples misfortunes ( and in this case missed fortunes ) i guess they should read the questions and then give it more thoght!!!!

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