Crazed Apple fan nearly kills church-goer

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Crazed Apple fan nearly kills church-goer

You don't hear stories like this every day. A 58 year old woman is in hospital after what appears to be a crazed Apple fan-boy drove through several red lights before deliberately plowing his car into a church. Several people were covered in broken glass and rubble.

When police attempted to extract him from his vehicle, a fireman said he:

"clutched his laptop computer and screamed the name of Apple's CEO Steve Jobs. He believed the man had a mental illness"

I will resist to comment on that last part :-)


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Wednesday 25th July 2007 | 11:33 AM

Sheesh. At least Windows doesn't take crashing quite so literally. :-p

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Wednesday 25th July 2007 | 09:26 PM

The audio from the on-the-scene news video clip would appear to be: "Good one. Thank you Steve Jobs. I have a Mac!". Watch it here...

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Wednesday 25th July 2007 | 09:37 PM

Thanks NZ. Amazing how these things get distorted so much when passed from one media outlet to another.

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