Thieves steal all Blue-ray titles: Ignore HD-DVD

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Thieves steal all Blue-ray titles: Ignore HD-DVD

You know you may have backed the right contender in the Hi-Def media wars when thieves won't even touch the competing brand.

A little while ago Blockbuster in the USA made the decision to back Blue-ray instead of HD-DVD as the preferred choice of optical media, which was a turning point for the industry and some say, the biggest contributing factor in steering other businesses to adopt the same technology.

In what could be considered vindication of this decision, a group of thieves robbed a video store and stole every Blue-ray title in stock, completely ignoring the HD-DVD titles. It won't look good for the HD-DVD manufacturers, as the theft implies their product is not even worth having even at the low price of $0.00.


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Wednesday 28th November 2007 | 02:13 AM

or maybe the thieves have a PS3 and wanted compatible titles.

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