Bush Administration issues subpoena to Michael Moore

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Bush Administration issues subpoena to Michael Moore

It was only a matter of time. The Bush Administration has served film maker Michel Moore with a subpoena for going to Cuba during the making of his 'Sicko' documentary.

You have to wonder if they would have bothered had it been any other film maker - say someone who didn't have an agenda to get you and your buddies out of the White House. You be the judge.


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Sunday 29th July 2007 | 07:45 PM

..is a bitch ;-P

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Sunday 29th July 2007 | 07:46 PM

Here is the video where he breaks the news.


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Sunday 29th July 2007 | 11:11 PM

too bad there are not more like michael moore out in the world , too bad there are a lot of bush type pollies out there......

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