Book review: Dude, where's my country?

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Book review: Dude, where's my country?

There is no doubt Michael Moore is the wedgie in George Bush's well financed underpants. 'Dude, where's my country' unveils a web of half truths and deceit that America has come to expect from the Bush administration ever since G.W. was elected as President of the United States in January 2001. In particular, Moore exposes the smoking guns prior and leading up to the events of September 11 and of course the war on terror.

'Dude' is not light reading material by any means. I was blown away by some of the facts Moore has exposed which have helped to reinforce my opinion of George Bush and his minions. For those who have reservations about the authenticity of Moore's claims, you should note that the entire book is meticulously annotated with references to the world's most reputable of sources, which incidentally include The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and Time to name a few.

Moore gives us all the details pertaining to the Bush family's relationship with the Bin Laden's prior to September 11. Osama's brother and head of the family business, Salem, was one of Bush's first business partners who invested in his start-up oil company. But the rabbit hole goes much deeper. The Bush administration has used the climate of fear that has surrounded the events of September 11 as a lever to launch the war in Iraq. In 'Dude', we are privy to trail of events that have led up to said war, and some even more disturbing facts. For instance: As the events on September 11 unfolded, a national security alert was set in place which prevented any aircraft from flying over American air space. During those panic stricken hours however, G.W. Bush gave approval for Saudi private jets to fly around the country and pick up 24 members of the Bin Laden family for a secret meeting in Texas. They then were permitted to fly to Washington, then Boston, and eventually to Paris and finally out of reach from any US officials. The FBI was furious that they were not permitted to keep the Bin Ladens in the country to conduct a real investigation.

In another example, Moore challenges the democracy of a government that allows for the monitoring of public library records in an effort to monitor potential terrorist activities, yet does not keep gun purchase records because the average American feels that the rights bestowed upon them by the second amendment are being violated? Mind boggling isn't it?

Moore's dry whit and sarcasm help to ease what is relatively an intense reading experience. The revelations, despite how shocking they are, all gel together to expose what is apparently the biggest farce administration in US history.

In the past Moore has been accused of slight sensationalism. The truth is that everything Moore says is sensational because of what it represents. Anyone familiar with Moore's work (Stupid white men, Bowling for Columbine, The awful truth) will agree that the world needs the likes of Michael Moore to keep the government in check.

Moore's previous book 'Stupid white men' took 12 months to sell 1 million copies; 'Dude' took only 3 weeks to sell the same amount, which may be an indication that the Bush administration is in its final year despite all efforts into the upcoming election campaign.

'Dude' may well be a contributing factor come election next year. The public's eyes have been opened and they do not like what they see, and they do not want a repeat. In any event, there is nothing that G.W. Bush can do about the influence 'Dude' is likely to have on the American people. Moore can not be silenced. He is protected by the first amendment :-)

Currently 'Dude' has been number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list for the past 7 weeks. It has also reached #1 in the L.A. Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and many other lists in the country.

I give this book nine and a half Bin Ladens out of ten.

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