Melbourne Priest antagonised by skaters: Foul language ensues

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Melbourne Priest antagonised by skaters: Foul language ensues

I would like to point out two things regarding this video, which was filmed at the front of a Melbourne church. Firstly, as someone with a skating background (a long long time ago; hangs head in shame) it is clear who the real parasites are here. The skaters should show a little consideration. They should not be making a nuisances of themselves on a property they have no business being on.

Secondly, the Catholic priest, although having reason to be upset, should be ashamed of his revolting language and racist remarks.

Update: It appears the video has been removed from Youtube. More information on the incident available here. Kudos to Andrew for the update.

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Monday 30th July 2007 | 02:26 PM

Michael, while I agree with your assertion about the horrid racist slurrs he made, he was obviously put in a very confrontational situation and acted in the only way he felt he could. In the end, as long as the kids weren't vandalising the property, he really shouldn't have had a problem with them skating.

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Monday 30th July 2007 | 04:06 PM

Ah yes, but knowing skaters as I do (did), they were probably doing more harm than good, and yes they were probably vandalising property. It's impossible to have fun on a skateboard or blades without doing damage to rails, benches etc...

When I was still in 'the scene' we had the same attitude just like those skaters. Back then we thought it was funny, today I know better and am ashamed to have been that way.

They aren't any different today. Ask a skater to stop grinding on that sweet rail on your property and they will always - always - give attitude. And you have to stand your ground with them because if you show the slightest sigh of weakness, they just keep coming back with all their buddies.

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Monday 30th July 2007 | 06:32 PM

well at least the priest can go to confession about his swearing and all will beforgiven....but there are two sides to the story,maybe these kids have been skating around the church before and done damage therefore upsetting the priest but the launguage he used i don't think was appropriate..

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