One laptop, medium rare

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One laptop, medium rare

Barb had a reasonable explanation for storing her laptop in the oven. Crime rates are high in her area, and the house is not very well secured, so the oven is probably the last place a thief would look for valuables. So what happens when your partner comes home early and decides to heat up some french fries?

I would never have thought a laptop would survive a few minutes in an oven, but apparently, it is possible.

Read more and see the pictures.

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Monday 6th August 2007 | 08:43 PM

Cooking chips - literally.

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Monday 6th August 2007 | 09:40 PM

Not too hot now honey, you don't want to burn a dvd... some guy on tv said it's illegal!

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Tuesday 7th August 2007 | 12:24 AM

always smart comments, cooking chips, burn

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Tuesday 7th August 2007 | 01:22 AM

It wouldn't be the first Dell to exceed the recommended heat conditions: (Dell laptop explodes at Japanese conference)

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