10 years today: Bill Gates & Steve Jobs form 'meaningful partnership'

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10 years today: Bill Gates & Steve Jobs form 'meaningful partnership'

On this day ten years ago, Steve Jobs announced a technology agreement between Microsoft and Apple, most notably the commitment to develop the Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer applications to run on the Apple Macintosh platform. Additionally, Apple agreed to bundle Internet Explorer and make it the default browser for the OS.

And as a sign of good faith, Microsoft would invest $150 million in non-voting Apple stock which could not be sold for three years. Said Steve Jobs:

"We are thrilled at the prospect of working more closely with Microsoft on applications and Internet software...We are confident that this is the beginning of a much closer relationship between the two companies, which will greatly benefit our common customers."

The 'partnership' upset a lot of people, most famously seen when Jobs made the announcement at the Mac world Keynote address in Boston, in the historic video below.

Job's appears to be struggling to get the words out leading up to the announcement, and Gate's didn't get the warmest of receptions.

Some might argue the move saved Apple from potential extinction, due to Jobs' comment "Microsoft is going to be part of the game with us, as we restore the company back to health".

Ether way Apple surely hold their own now, and Microsoft could learn (and arguably has) a thing or two from them.

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Tuesday 7th August 2007 | 01:12 AM

1 thing I always note about this. Bill Gates comes on to boos but leaves to cheers...

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Tuesday 7th August 2007 | 03:50 PM

Maybe Apple could have made it but Jobs certainly didn't think so. Because he knew there was no other choice but to join forces with his enemy. The saying goes, " Keep you friends close but your enemies closer." I think we all need to remember this when we are about to tell someone something we know we will regret. And as to the recent commercials Apple made. The ones where they make fun of Microsoft. They better not say in the future they never should have done that. Because it was like biting the hand that feeds you. Or in this case feed you. Good luck. Nice post!

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Pete Morhan

Tuesday 7th August 2007 | 09:33 PM

Thanks for the history refresher. I was at that particular keynote when Jobs said the M word. People were really upset.

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