Leaked Vista Service Pack detailed

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Leaked Vista Service Pack detailed

APCMag managed to get their hands on the recently leaked Vista Service pack. Every detail of the Service Pack is outlined along with some interesting discoveries. From the article:

"Amusingly, the build of SP1 we saw (which in this beta comes fully integrated into a 3.2GB Vista install DVD, rather than as a standalone update) still has Microsoft's internal network shares embedded as the source of the updates. For example:

Head on over there now.

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Monday 13th August 2007 | 12:24 AM

As a Vista agnostic, I look forward to this SP. I've been happy with Vista in all regards, except the massive shafting I mentioned on this site in "Anger Activation" (https://rustylime.com/show_article.php?id=535). So now I'm "once bitten, twice shy".

I think XPSP2 was a really good move forward for XP however that was a rare event. Most MS service packs have historically been nothing more than all the previous patches rolled into one executable. If that's all this is, then who cares? But if it's a serioues re-engineering of some of the mistakes, I will be willing to try it out.

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