Hubble: An awe inspiring galactic view

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Hubble: An awe inspiring galactic view

It's not often we are left speechless at the sight of a night sky, but Hubble has a way of putting our own existence into perspective with it's exquisite images beyond our own solar system.

This photo is but a small section of sky, a magnificent yet humbling view of over 50,000 galaxies (yes galaxies, not solar systems) in 5600 x 9000 (23mb) high resolution glory. I would advise saving this image as opposed to trying to view it in a browser.

If you are really game, grab the Tif file (150mb!).

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Monday 13th August 2007 | 08:55 PM

the final frontier, beam me up scottie...

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Thursday 16th August 2007 | 11:06 AM

Hey, I can see my house!

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