Australian Goverment backflips on porn filtering

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Australian Goverment backflips on porn filtering

Last year the Howard Government shunned the idea of an Internet porn filter suggesting it to be of little benefit. But a few days ago, in what could easily be interpreted as an attempt to win Christian votes for the upcoming election, John Howard announced a $189 Million plan to put such a filter in place.

At least this time the Government is picking up the cheque for parents who opt into the ISP filtering service.

But you have to wonder if it will stop at porn filtering, as the technology in place, to be funded by the government, can be subject to any kind of filtering by the government. Why not filter unfavourable political opinions?

It doesn't matter anyway, as anyone in this industry knows this sort of thing just wont work. And besides, what passes as porn for one person might be considered tame by another.

Could this site be filtered because we used a close-up of a woman's cleavage on an article? Could something as harmless or trivial as a be filtered? Maybe not, but then, I have zero faith when it comes to trusting the government's competency on technological issues.

If anyone can provide a technical reason why this plan might succeed, I would love to hear about it.

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Tuesday 14th August 2007 | 11:36 AM

This is a total waste of money. I'd prefer to see that money pumped into education or healthcare.

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Tuesday 14th August 2007 | 11:48 AM

Politicians have played the 'children's welfare' card since the dawn of time, usually always to sway votes their direction. This time is no different, and yes the money would be better spent on real issues like education and health care.

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Tuesday 14th August 2007 | 08:01 PM

agreed with the top can you takeaway the black tape from above photo...........

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