Potty mouth Priest resigns

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Potty mouth Priest resigns

A Melbourne priest who went on a racist tirade last July (featured in a video posted on youtube) has resigned.

Yesterday worshippers were notified of Monsignor Baron's resignation. Archbishop Denis Hart said:

"Monsignor Baron has freely and spontaneously offered his resignation as Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral, which has been accepted by the archbishop, effective August 15, 2007."

Thanks to Andrew for the source.

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Tuesday 21st August 2007 | 08:20 AM

I really don't think that this guy had any other option but to resign. From what I've read, there was little in the way of community support for him.

In some way, I almost feel sorry for the guy. In saying that though, in the grand scheme of things, he has a great responsibility to act responsibly and treat his community with respect. This clearly did not happen. I'd like to know why he didn't just call the police though.

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Thursday 23rd August 2007 | 12:06 AM

I feel sorry for the guy, it was obvious the youths tormented the hell out of him and took pleasure out of getting a reaction. They certainly weren't victims in this, instead they've become party to a man destroying his career, possibly his faith.

Apparently he did call police on past occasions, but by the time police arrived on scene the youths had disappeared.

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Monday 27th August 2007 | 05:02 PM

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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