Far Cry II - First Screenshots

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Far Cry II - First Screenshots

If the lush beaches of the upcoming Crysis isn't your thing, then perhaps the desert stricken terrains of Africa is more to your liking.

Far Cry II is looking pretty damned sweet, as if we didn't already know just how good it was going to look anyway. But graphics do not maketh the game, so here hoping Far Cry II offers something a little more rudimentary than the stock standard First Person Shooter.

Screen shots over at That PC Blog.

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Sunday 26th August 2007 | 08:24 PM

you can almost feel the flames coming off the trees....brilliant!!!

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Monday 27th August 2007 | 11:26 AM

Will it run on my P1 with 16mb?

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Monday 27th August 2007 | 11:30 AM

It's crazy to think today's modern video cards have more processing power than a combined handful of computers did less than 10 years ago.

With Crysis on the horizon I am already considering an upgrade. My 7900GT just doesn't cut the mustard any more on some of the current generation games (BioShock, Colin McRae DiRT, Call of Duty 4).

Unless I run them below native, but 1024x768 doesn't look to flash on a 16:10 1680x1050 desktop. Sigh...

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Monday 27th August 2007 | 01:03 PM

Did you see those Atari convergence PCs?

They had several gb of video coupled with 4+gb of ram and several dual core processors... just crazy!!

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