MP3 Player with an unfortunate naming convention

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MP3 Player with an unfortunate naming convention

Ever heard of a focus group? Apparently TrekStor haven't, otherwise they wouldn't have named a portable MP3 player with white supremacist connotations.

Yes strange but true, the "I.Beat Blaxx" (Google cached version here) has everything going for it apart from the name. How anything like this would get passed marketing is a miracle.

While I am certain this is just something lost in translation, perhaps a rename is in order.

Source: TrekStor.

Update: TrekStor have realised the error of their way. The I.Beat Blaxx is now just 'Blaxx'. Web site updated.

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Tuesday 28th August 2007 | 08:10 AM

From what I can tell, the product must have been pulled. It is no longer on their site.

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Tuesday 28th August 2007 | 10:03 AM

I noticed that last night. It' still in Google cache though (link in article). Maybe they realised something was wrong ;-)

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