New DVD sized disc promises 1 - 5 terabtye storage

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New DVD sized disc promises 1 - 5 terabtye storage

A technology company in Jerusalem is promising a massive data storage on disc no bigger than a standard DVD.

Mempile claims the discs, (which make both BlueRay and HD-DVD look inadequate in comparison) will store 1 terabyte of uncompressed data and up to 5 terabytes once blue lasers are introduced.

That's some serious storage but I can't help but wonder what the burn and seek times would be. At current DVD burning speeds, my calculations say it would take about 66 hours to burn a full disc. That said it is unlikely that anyone would commit 1 terabyte of data in a single hit.

But then I remember it wasn't that long ago I didn't have any reason to burn anything larger that a few hundred megabytes to a CD on my 2x speed burner. These days I am capturing high-def video files which take up several gigabytes each.

More at ArsTechnica.

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Saturday 1st September 2007 | 06:12 PM

i guess burners would have to be made for storing such a lot of data and to be burnt in a reasonable time....kb, mb, gb, tb,what will be the next byte?

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Saturday 1st September 2007 | 09:48 PM

I believe that would be the petabyte (pb)

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