Numb3rs nerd humour: For programmers only

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Numb3rs nerd humour: For programmers only

Disclaimer: Strictly nerd humour ahead.

Watching Numb3rs is a guilty pleasure, one which any self respecting developer who understands code should be ashamed to admit. And I know I am probably going to take a beating for it from my colleagues for admitting this.

I just finished watching the latest episode broadcast here in Australia, and was tickled to see Charlie Eppes demo the ground-breaking deconvolution algorithm modified to remove smudges from indecipherable fingerprints.

Anyway, a screen shot of the code below, which was only on-screen for about half a second. The producers either have a sense of humour or have given up trying to be convincing. Click the image for a larger version.


On a related note, Blind Deconvolution is real mathematics, and of course it uses real algorithms, not the joke code you see above.

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Saturday 1st September 2007 | 09:52 PM

So he's using Word XML to remove smudges from fingerprints? Man that guy must uber l33t.

Haxxor & Razorwire look out!

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Saturday 1st September 2007 | 10:36 PM

Haha yeah. If that wasn't amazing enough, I love it when he applies some obscure unrelated technique to assist the Feds:

"Using African bee swarm trajectory methodology, I can create an algorithm that will show us where the killer is most likely to hide within a 30 yard radius..."

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Frough Dough

Saturday 1st September 2007 | 10:44 PM

"...and if that fails I can use a modified bayesian calculation and apply it to the data flow analysis of a stream during winter using MS Word XML..."

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