Internet Police: Discouraging free-thinking in China

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Internet Police: Discouraging free-thinking in China

So you think your Internet experience is bad? Spare a thought for China. In an effort to prevent Internet surfers from getting any ideas about, lets just called it 'free thinking', users are warned reminded every 30 minutes by pop-up police cartoon characters to stay away from unapproved web sites.

A spokesperson said the characters 'Jing' and 'Cha' are there to police and look out for information that might challenge the political status quo.

In addition to the half-hourly nags to conform, there is a link to a web site where users can report web sites that are regarded 'unhealthy'.

Fully story at the Telegraph.

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Monday 3rd September 2007 | 10:33 PM

But watch out users, if you report more "unhealthy" sites than the average user, it may be your surfing habits that come under suspicion!

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