Thou shalt not remove thy wang

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Thou shalt not remove thy wang

Western Spain: A thirty year old man is recovering in hospital after deliberately cutting off his own member, which he then discarded in a toilet so he would 'stop sinning'. In what could be considered the understatement of the decade, it was suggested he may be suffering from mental problems. (Source)

And if you thought only one person could be crazy enough to do this, think again. In London a thirty five year old Polish man burst in the kitchen of a Pizzeria and took a large kitchen knife, walked back into the crowded restaurant, stood up on a table, dropped his pants and sliced off Mr Winky. (Source)

Lorena Bobbitt would be proud.

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Thursday 6th September 2007 | 06:58 PM

makes your eyes water!!!

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JK Bennington

Thursday 27th September 2007 | 10:24 AM

What the? Craziness!

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