Chaser duo penetrate APEC security

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Chaser duo penetrate APEC security

The 'Chasers' Chas Licciardello and Julian Morrow were both detained for questioning this morning for breaching the APEC security zone.

The duo had formed a fake motorcade made up of three cars and several people dressed up to look official.

I think the bigger question here, one which seems to be deliberatly have attention diverted away from, is how these two clowns were able to penetrate the APEC security zone in the first place.

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Thursday 6th September 2007 | 07:03 PM

Chas Licciardello was on the radio yesterday talking about the stunts that chasers were going to do, one was of them dressing up as security guards. he said that if anyone walked up to them to question them ,he told them it was top secret. other security people seemed ok with that and let them on their way. he went on to say that wearing a security uniform seemed like an oipen ticket to get in most places....

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Thursday 6th September 2007 | 08:44 PM

They got in impersonating the canadian motorcade.

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Friday 7th September 2007 | 10:13 AM

You can bet these yokels will be laughing it up the next episode. It's all they can do to stay on the air I think.

What they do is so old hat now. Boring as ever. Their 'ambush' style of journalism (and driving the point home) was done much better 10 years ago by Michael Moore during 'The Awful Truth' days.

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Friday 7th September 2007 | 10:28 AM

I still enjoy Casers war. While the style is perhaps, as you suggested Mike, a little old, they are still quite confrontational and address many of the right wing issues with a left wing approach.

Our news programs rarely provide any sort of objectivity, so it is refreshing to see a point rather than just a presentation.

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